I’d like an apology, thank you, for giving me such a horrible experience here.

Have you ever… wanted to burn down an establishment so bad? Haha.

I’m not weird. I was only purposely distant.

Worst decision of my life: leaving nick, gen and keish in lasalle and taking up che in usc. This is THE WORST PLACE EVER.

Thank you for ruining my life, you gay soul-sucking demon.

When what you’ve been missing this whole time was positive thinking…😁

#solonelybeforeIfinallyfound #whatI’vebeenlookingfor

Do I pray? Oh yes. Yes, I do. I pray for bad karma to reach a ton of people.


I’m not fucking weird and I know it. I just had the misfortune of being friends with weirdos here (oh yes, I just said that, I am that mad) but it does not automatically mean that I am weird myself. So people have got to stop treating me like a weirdo coz it just shows how ignorant and narrow-minded you all are. Stop calling my name in a cute way as well coz I’m sure as hell getting so incredibly annoyed by it.

#thebitchisout #nobodyhandmeagun

I don’t understand how you guys find it funny picking on someone living all alone here. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.